Al Najwa Village - Mali, Africa


Abu Abbasi  1078 days ago
Asalamualikum can we still sponsor an orphan?
Mary K  1095 days ago
Allahu Akbar! Brings tears to my eyes to see what great work you have all accomplished. SubhanAllah! I was reading about the Masjid story from the AlNajwa site about the Imam who had the intention of building a mosque years and years ago and MashAllah here you all are fulfilling it by the will of Allah. It really proves again and again. Allah hears everyone's prayers even if it be 25 years later. Alhumdulillah.
Jehan Joudeh  1115 days ago
Mashallah! That video was truly amazing! You all are truly amazing and very inspiring! May Allah reward is all inshallah. Thank you for the amazing update.
Yasmeen Fadel  1272 days ago
Hey it would be great if we got some new photos or updates on the project, it's been a while. Thanks! Wa Jazak Allah Khayir
allauddin khan  1367 days ago
Assalam Alekum! Can anyone help me about donating money from India? As out here payment option is not proving any required method for successful process.
ibrahim shohib  1375 days ago
Assalam Alaikum dear brothers/ sisters, i would like thank you all for your efforts and even providing us a chance to involve in great work. May Almighty Allah accept this from us and bestow his rahmath and barakath on all those who are involved.
Mohammad Khan  1383 days ago
Assalamu'aleykum, I just wanted to say Jazaka'allahu kheyran for your efforts. Through all the hard work and sacrifice the team has put in you have given the needy muslims (and i mean us) a chance to do some good in our lives. All we have to do is click a button while the team changes lives. I ask Allah (swt) to allow the team to partake in more projects similar to this one. I would love to be able to assist our brothers in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chechnya, etc. I hope the team considers it.
Um Imad  1393 days ago
Macha2 ALLAH , may ALLAH reward you all , and keep you strong
Omar Faruk  1427 days ago
Its Bring Me Tears on My Eyes. And Zazak Allah Khairan For All Of My Brothers And Sisters who has Involved in this project.
Sumaiya Patel  1429 days ago
Is zakat accepted?
Firdouse Rao  1429 days ago
Ma sha Allah awesome project,May Allsh[azzawajal] accept it from all of you and reward you immensly in both worlds,ameen ya rabb
Momo Abukar  1433 days ago
Hello Guys The documentary almost break into tears. subxanallah. I used to be one of those kids studying like that, struggling with food everyday. Now i live in Sweden, finished school and al hamdulillah good life. Its hard to explain for people who never been in such hardships. These kids have no choice but to smile. May allah grant you Jannah for all your efforts and sharing and reminding us in the west. Eid Mubarak /Mohidin from Sweden
Urji Hussein  1435 days ago
Asalamu'aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu, Jazaka'allahu kheyran for your humanitarian efforts. It is a beautiful thing to see our Muslim brothers helping our Muslim communities in need and helping us be apart of it by showing us what is going on around the world so we can also aide your projects and help as much as possible. May Allah(SAW) reward you guys immensely in the dunya and akhira and fulfill all of your intentions as well insha'Allah.
Adi Ibrić  1436 days ago
Asalamualakum guys, May Allah reward your efforts. If you don't already know, I would like to introduce you to a design science of sustainable building and agriculture called Permaculture. Permaculture can be developed and maintained with very limited resources. Water capture and storage is a huge benefit of Permaculture design. We can even establish a pond with vegetation and aquaculture with the raised funds. This can fix all the problems and run continually by the locals. Lets talk more..
Mahwish Jawed  1436 days ago
Excellent project. May Allah reward you for this.
Zhahura Rayhana Begum  1436 days ago
Salaam,a BIG jazakallah to the brothers who went to Mali and made this documentary for us to see. May Allah reward you for your effort! It is a huge eyeopener! It broke my heart to see people in such desperate need of basic necessities. Also wanted to say jazakallah for opening up this opportunity for us to take part in such an amazing project.
Asawar Sajid  1437 days ago
Assalalikum brothers, I just wanted to say Jazah Allah Kheir for the wonderful efforts you brothers are doing for the sake of Allah SWT. I'm so fortunate to be in a Muslim and continuing to better the world for our youth and future generations. I hope In Sha Allah this will be your ticket to Jannah and may Allah SWT bless all of us for this life and the hereafter. Again, Jazah Allah Kheir and I pray everyone has a wonderful Eid and stay blessed with family members and be the best!
Aneta Z  1437 days ago
This is a wonderful project! The world would be a better place if there were more people like you guys. Thank you so much for your time and effort!
Mary K  1438 days ago
Salam, great cause I completely trust you guys will put this money to good use for the betterment of the people of Mali! It would be great if you guys keep us updated with any news/pictures/videos as you move forward with this project!! InshAllah Allah will help you all and make it easy for you all Ameen!
Abid Ali  1438 days ago
Keep up the good work, guys. InshAllah, you will succeed.
sanna butt  1438 days ago
This is an incredible project. Wallahi the video made me cry and truly made me grateful for everything I have. Akhi Mohammed and the team, you've inspired me to do something similar. Never had the courage but in sha Allah in the near future I shall. Keep up the great hard work. Duaas and love for you all. May Allah accept all of your efforts and be pleased with you. May He also accept whatever contributions that have been made by individuals. Ameen. Salaam alaykom.
Yanila Hamed  1439 days ago
Please share pictures and video updates with us all. I think we would all love to see the great progress these villages will be encountering with these great changes you guys are doing. Inshallah nothing but success and happiness for everyone on this journey
Sema Tayeh  1439 days ago
I think what you guys are doing is truly inspiring. You have given these people a gift, the gift of caring, You showed them that there are people in the world that do care and are willing to help. Surely but slowly as one inshallah we will be able to restore the faith in humanity. Inshallah, with 8 days left, Allah will help you guys reach your goal of $350,000.
Sar Diah  1440 days ago
The donate button isn't working :( It keeps bringing me back to the homepage.
Evelyn A. Fatima  1440 days ago
I'm trying with Visa several times. I think there is something wrong with the system???? I got email telling me that they never received it :(
Aliya Hussain  1440 days ago
May Allah bless you, accept all your efforts, and help you reach your goal inshAllah. Thank you for sharing your inspirational experience and spreading awareness to the real problems in the world. JazakAllah Khair.
Melanie Kessler-g  1440 days ago
I was only able to spend a little amount but hamdulillah it felt so good. I feel so assuered that 100% goes to the needs. I will try my best to ask my friends to donate too. Thanks for doing this. The world needs more people like you
Hinda Abdalla  1440 days ago
ASC i'm trying to donate with a master card but it isn't going through. Can you please let me know how it can work or if i'm doing something wrong, inshallah. jazzaka Allaahu Kheyral Jazaa
Maks Gh  1440 days ago
I am trying to pay with visa, I don't know why it is not accepting..
Mir Khan  1440 days ago
Subhan Allah. I've been wanting to donate for a good cause for the longest but never knew where to go or which organization to trust. I'm so glad I went to Mohammed Zeyara's Facebook page and learned about this project, as well as Pious Projects website which has other campaigns set-up. This is fantastic work and to see that our donations are immediately being put in use to build wells, medical center, schools makes me feel so good, Alhumdo Lillah. Thank you so much. Please keep us updated.
Mosbah Afyouni  1441 days ago
Very inspirational and heartfelt initiative. Your doco has touched us all the way down under in Australia. Keep up the great work.
hadya aboushamalah  1441 days ago
god bless you guys!!
akue syazwan  1441 days ago
Assalamualaikum. How could I donate if I don't have credit card?
ruby Ghani  1441 days ago
SubhanAllah, I am speechless after watching this documentary. People need to open their eyes, including myself. We are now in the holy month of Ramadan which is the time where we need to remind ourselves how fortunate we are and how we can help those in need. We have access to clean water, health system, education etc.. These people have nothing, literally nothing. May Allah reward these people and those in need for their patience ‪#‎RealityCheck
Iffet Rafeeq  1442 days ago
I couldn't donate much I'm sorry, but I did what I could. I really appreciate this project you are doing, Allah reward everyone involved. Alhamdulillah.
amal zayed  1442 days ago
Asalmo alikum , Can i make a donation on behalf of my deceased father (rahmato allah ala) and have the duaa made in his name, if so how do i change my name to his?
Iffat Rahman  1443 days ago
Assalamualaikum, I am trying to donate a custom amount but it is not accepting. Please advise how I can do this. Jazak Allah Khairun for your incredible work. Iffat
Rafat Masoud  1444 days ago
If we make our name anonymous here will we still have our name on a custom banner in Mali ?
Fahim Aref  1444 days ago
Mohamed, I replied to you at your E-mail.
Mohamed Abu-Shaaban  1445 days ago
I have a question....if I donate $25/day for 10 days (so total 250), then add a one time donation of $250, would i still get the benefit of a duaa made by the villagers? I would have donated total $500, but just not all one time. Thank You
Fahim Aref  1446 days ago
Sonia, looks like it worked for you.
Sonia Baluch  1446 days ago
How does this work? I've signed up and I keep on clicking donate but it doesn't lead to another page. It just keeps on showing the same page again. Can anyone please help?
Sonia Baluch  1446 days ago
How does this work? I've signed up and I keep on clicking donate but it doesn't lead to another page. It just keeps on showing the same page again. Can anyone please help?
Anonymous Zohra  1448 days ago
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu! I am trying to donate for pious project of America in Mali started recently on the link provided by you. The problem is I have a Maestro card, so unable to transfer the fund. Is there some bank account in which I can transfer the amount for this project via Internet banking? Please reply!
Mushtaba Nour  1448 days ago
I appreciate you guys at "Pious Projects" answer questions 1- What happens if you don't reach different project's goal within their respective specified time periods? / would you extend the time period of the campaigns (until it reach that amount)? or would you cancel that campaign altogether. 2- Regarding other projects which you don't have direct involvement (third party's projects), do you check their authenticity? and if they are authentic organization to stick to their promises?
Sana Ansari  1449 days ago
As salaam. Can any 1 tell me how to donate o line. I tried to do it .I even logged in but was unable to put the amount. Can any one help me
Irshan Ahmad  1449 days ago
How to HIDE your name : On the TOP right corner of this page is YOUR LOGIN NAME. Click it. Next click CONTRIBUTION. In contribution : select HIDE.
Irshan Ahmad  1449 days ago
I am unable to enter a custom amount
Abdul Derh  1449 days ago
To reiterate what someone has said below, please make your donation Anonymous by clicking your name on the top-right, click on contributions and hide all of your contributions.
Islam Peace  1449 days ago
Asalamwalaikum, I was wondering if the contribution could be given after the campaign days ended? JazakAllah Khair.
Islam Peace  1449 days ago
Asalamwalaikum, I was wondering if the contribution could be given after the campaign days ended? JazakAllah Khair.
Tabassum Mahzabeen  1451 days ago
Ahmar Khan  1451 days ago
hi same here. Make it Anonymous
S M  1451 days ago
Fadia Aburumman, if you click on your name on this comments list , it will take you to your personal page, click on the contributions tab-that will take you to a list of your can then select the "hide option"- this will make your listing appear as anonymous
Fadia Aburumman  1451 days ago
How do I make my name anonymous I didn't realize names would be posted...???
S M  1451 days ago
Didn't realise my name will be listed! Prefer it to appear as anonymous if it can be changed .. Is that possible?
Bashaar Hilal  1451 days ago
Please make all donations as anonymous! Thank you
Mushtaba Nour  1451 days ago
what happens if you don't reach your goal within specified time period? / would you extend the time period of the campaign?
Rita Yusoff  1452 days ago
PayPal doesn't accept payments from Msia
$1,189,736.00 USD
Raised of the $1,400,000.00 goal.

85% Never Ending!

This campaign started on Jun 01 2015.

$500.00 USD

Special Dua for you by the villagers of Mali

This $500 contribution will go towards Al-Najwa Village campaign that will be used to build a Masjid, Water Well, School and medical center. For selecting this Perk, we will have the villagers make a special dua for you

93/93 claimed

$1,000.00 USD

Special Dua by all villagers & Special Gift

This $500 contribution will go towards Al-Najwa Village campaign that will be used to build a Masjid, Water Well, School and medical center. For selecting this Perk, we will have the villagers make a special dua for you

10/10 claimed

$2,500.00 USD

Water Well in your honor

These funds will go towards building a water well in one of the villages of Mali. We will also print a custom banner and take a picture of it with the people standing next to your well. We will E-mail you the picture and location of the well.

90 claimed

$10,000.00 USD

A classroom in your honor

We will dedicate a class in your honor and have the students send you a special video message of thanks.

5 claimed

$30,000.00 USD

Build a Masjid from Scratch

We will build a masjid from scratch for you and name it after you. We will have a special grand opening video with Dua made by the local imam for you. This is Sadaka Jariyeh at its finest.

4 claimed

$50,000.00 USD

All Perks including Masjid, Class, Well and Trip to Mali with us for grand opening

For those of you who are over achievers. This is it. We will build a masjid, a classroom and a water well in your honor and take you with us to Mali for the grand opening of them. The remaining proceeds will be used towards the rest of the project.

1 claimed

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