Al Najwa Village - Mali, Africa


943 days ago

Thank you all for your help for clean water in Mali.  We just launched a campaign for Palestine clean water.  We hope you can all take part in it.  Only $15 will purchase 1,000 Litres of clean water to fill up tanks in the most needy areas.  Please visit the link below and share it.    

Fahim Aref
1116 days ago

It has been exactly one year since our trip to Mali to document the harsh living conditions.  We just arrived back from filming this 1 year update on all the beautiful projects we were able to accomplish in such a short time, thanks to all of the donors and volunteers.  We still need your help to continue relief work and build more schools and water wells.  Please visit the link above to take part in this wonderful effort.


Fahim Aref
1205 days ago

Sorry for the wait.  We have been working hard in order to bring the most relief to Mali.  Construction is around 75% complete.  We plan on returning before Ramadan 2016 Insha'Allah to film our completion of the project and prepare for our new project in Chad.  Please take a look at our 2015 annual report and enjoy the pictures below.


Fahim Aref
1394 days ago

Amazing campaign!!  We have so much in the works right now, but do not want to spoil the surprise so we will release some new information every so often.  Also be sure to visit our Facebook page for other updates.    For now, here are some pictures of our first ground breaking where a masjid, school, water well system and a medical building will be constructed.  Also for all of those who purchased a water well, we will be complete with them within the next few weeks and will send you an E-mail update. 


Fahim Aref
1428 days ago
MaSha'Allah!   Over 3,000 Donors from just about every country in the world participated in this campaign.   Even $1 donations are so precious to us because it shows the unity we have for our Ummah. We already exceed our half million dollar goal and still going.  We extended our campaign because every day we get many new donors and want to give everyone the opportunity of participating in this life changing project.

Some Updates :

  1. We submitted 60 orders for individual water wells that were sponsored  in honor of a someone. Estimated Completion within 45 days.  We will send pictures once all the wells are complete.  We are anticipating to order an additional 20 before the campaign is over. 
  2. We Finalized the Plans and sent the deposits to break ground on 2 Villages.  These Villages will be state of the Art and the first of its kind in the area.  Dar Al Salam Village and Al Afiyeh Village.  Each Village will have a large masjid, a 3 classroom school building, Toilets, Medical Building with Office, and a special Water system that will send water to each building and will run on Solar Power.  Estimated completion Dec 2015
  3. We hope to start another 2 villages once these 2 are complete are verified.