From My Cancer Story to Yours
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This campaign started on Nov 30 2016.

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My struggle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma inspired me to help others with cancer

I am a mother of 2 young children and at a stressful time in my life, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I had never heard of this disease prior to my diagnosis and dealing with it has changed my life forever. I realized how stressful and painful, both physically and mentally, cancer could be. And I also realized the financial strain that comes with this disease. After becoming cancer-free, I decided that I must help victims not only of Hodgkin's Lymphoma but of all cancer types.







This campaign is dedicated to help relieve cancer victims of the financial stress that comes with the disease (medical expenses, bills, etc.).




If you or someone you know is dealing with cancer and would be interested in receiving funds to help pay for bills or any medical expenses/treatments, please email with:


1.) A letter explaining your situation (what cancer you have and what you need financial help with)

2.) Any document verifying your disease (a medical record)




Today, cancer is all around us. Most of us know or have come across someone who is dealing with (or survived) this disease. It can happen to anyone, so please be sure to donate generously to this cause.

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Your donation means the world to someone with cancer!


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