Feed Starving Families in Ethiopia Year round
$145,309.50 USD
Raised of the $150,000.00 goal.

97% Never Ending!

This campaign started on Nov 21 2017.

Pious Projects of America Administered by Fahim Aref

$50 Will Feed 1 Family

We are planning on distributing the following to each family, give or take, depending on availability and pricing:

  • 25 kilograms of Rice
  • 5 liters of Cooking oil
  • 5 kilograms of Sugar
  • 2 kilograms of Dates
  • 2 kilograms of Tea

The cost of the above items is roughly $35 per family, however, we are also purchasing cows and will be distributing dehydrated meat to each family. With that, $50 total should be sufficient per family. This may change, and we may purchase different foods instead.

All funds generated in this campaign will be used for food distribution in Ethiopia. We will update all donors with pictures and videos of our distribution inshaAllah, so please make sure to donate generously.

On May 1st, 2016 our team arrived at the border of Dire Dawa, Ethopia in the Somalian region, and were devastated by what we saw. The men, women, and children were in desperate need of food because of the previous drought in the region. Not only had most of their livestock died, but many of the villagers died due to starvation. One story in particular really touched our hearts: one of the mothers in the village sent her son to the city with a small baby goat in order to exchange it for some food and water. Sadly, her son never made it. He died on the way due to dehydration. She described how they buried him and how his sandals were brought back to her, serving as the only remaining items she now has to remember him by.

That day, we also met a woman who had just climbed down a mountain in search of a lemon to give to her sick husband since she couldn't afford any medicine. She told us her story, explaining how she lost everything because of the drought and that she had come down to beg for a lemon. We gave her 200 BER ($8 U.S. dollars) and she broke down in tears. She was so happy that she'd be able to purchase what she needed. I told her that we were sent from the other side of the world at the same time that she was searching in that area in order to give her this, because "this is your right from Allah and your Rizq. So keep your faith in Allah strong." She replied that "if it wasn't for Allah being with me and my firm belief in Him, we would have perished long ago." 



** Update July 3rd 2016** We just finished distributing the rest of the funds we had to give food to around 6,000 people that will hopefully last them a month.  

** Update June 25th 2016** We distributed to many in Ramadan.  We had to make a choice to remove and not purchase meat in order to purchase more of the other foods so we can account for more starving families. We will have one more distribution, Insa'Allah, before Eid with our left over funds.  Anything collected after today will be used after Ramadan to purchase more food.




$50.00 USD

1 Family

You will provide food for an entire family May Allah (swt) reward you

52 claimed

$100.00 USD

2 Families

You will provide food for around 2 families

36 claimed

$500.00 USD

10 Families

You will provide food for around 10 families

11 claimed

$1,000.00 USD

20 Families

You will provide food for 20 families. May Allah (swt) reward you

9 claimed

$2,500.00 USD

50 Families

You will provide food for around 50 families . May Allah (swt) reward you

1 claimed

$5,000.00 USD

100 Families

You will provide food for around 100 families . May Allah (swt) reward you

4 claimed

$10,000.00 USD

200 Families

You will provide food for around 200 families

1 claimed

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