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This campaign started on Nov 21 2017.

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$100 can cover the costs of eye surgery for blind children

Vision & Mission: It is said that every five seconds, one person goes blind and a child goes blind every minute.' There are 45 million blind people in our world, and an additional 100 Million men, women & children are estimated to be blind by 2020 (WHO). The mission of BIF is to eliminate the avoidable & treatable causes of blindness and to give all the needlessly blind people in the world a right to sight.


Goals of Blindness Control Camps:  

  • Treat those suffering from eye diseases such as cataracts or glaucoma 

  • Supporting ministries of health in countries that suffer from a shortage of ophthalmologists and skilled eye nurses


Objectives of the Eye Camp:

  • Examining/Screening 5,000+ eye-patients

  • Distributing necessary medication to patients of different eye-diseases 

  • Performing 400+ surgeries, including cataract extraction by ECCE-IOL with SICS and Phaco-emulsification methods and Glaucoma surgery such as Trabeculectomy  or other minor surgeries such as Pterygium, Chalazion, Entropion etc. 


The gift of sight is such a blessing that many of us take for granted. Try to go half a day blindfolded to appreciate the enormity of this blessing that tens of thousands live without. 

Please help us reach our goal in order to provide Dr. Adel with Al-Basar organization the resources he needs. 

The Foundation operates medical campaign camps all over Africa and Asia and Views around 5000 - 7000 people
per camp.  
In the the last 23 years Al-Basar has worked in 42 countries (which held 924 medical camps) and tested & 
treated over 2 million people with thousands of successful eye surgeries. 

$100.00 USD


By Donating to this perk, your intenting to provide the following: Performing one sight-restoring surgery to a blind person

84 claimed

$100.00 USD

10 patients

By Donating to this perk, you will be able to provide the following: Treating 10 eye patients with the care that they need.

9 claimed

$500.00 USD

5 Eye restoring surgeries

By donating to this perk, you will be providing the cost to complete 5 Eye-restoring surgeries to the blind.

10 claimed

$1,000.00 USD

10 Eye restoring surgeries

By donating to this perk, you will be providing the cost to complete 10 Eye-restoring surgeries to the blind.

6 claimed

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