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Help us purchase work cows, ploughs and seeds to farm in Chad

We all know the chineese proverb Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.   Well, that is what we would like to provide the people of Ndjamena in Chad, with the necessary tools that they need in order to become self sufficent.  We are raising money to purchase Cows, Ploughs, & Seeds.  These tools can be shared by a society of 10 families that can work together to plant many acres of land to be self sufficent.    You can also contribute to one of the perks below to provide milk for children in this area or some emergency food supply.

The poeple who would benefit are the Central African Republic refugee's who were fortunate enough to flee before being brutally murdered.  There are still over 400,000 CAR refugees in chad territories that are living in very miserable and difficult condtiions due to the shortage of food and living facilities.  Most of them are children and women who lost their parents or husbands in the last massacre genocide which is still being committed against them day and night.  In addition to their grievances and difficulties, no one cares for them and there is hardly any food support. 

Please be generous and help us help them.


$850.00 USD

1 cow + 1 plough + Seeds

Can be shared by 10 families to plant 30 Hectares

14 claimed

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