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One year later!


It has been one year since we first presented to you our Al-Najwa Villages in Mali, Africa Campaign. If you have not seen our original documentary detailing the struggles of the people in Mali, please watch it below. When we showed you their struggles last year, you all answered the call and we were able to raise over one million dollars together to bring them much needed relief. None of it could have been done without your help. But our job is far from done. The people of Mali need your continued support. After our recent visit, we realized that Mali is still in need of 2 basic things: 

Water & Education!   

We can dig and open up a water well that will serve an entire village of thousands of people for only $2,500. 

Can you imagine the benefit and reward you will receive daily through these villagers drinking, cooking, making wudu, and giving their livestock water to drink from your well?  We need all who are able to sponsor one well. If you cannot, we ask that you get involved by creating fundraising events and telling your friends and families about the water crisis in Mali to help us reach our goal of opening 1,000 wells. 

$2,500 will cover the cost of all the materials and labor for opening up one well. This includes a 10 year warranty, grand opening video, plaque, merchant transaction fees, & a portion that will go towards a fund to educate and promote this cause in order to raise more awareness and appeal to more donors. 

You can donate for an entire well by clicking on the perk on the right. We will then send you a grand opening video of the villagers making Dua for you with your name on a plaque in front of the well at the time of completion.   



Another way you can provide relief to the people of Mali is by helping us build a school. Unfortuntely, most of the children cannot go to school, and the ones who are able to go are stuffed in a small room with dirt floors, hardly shaded from the sun. We would like to build at least 25 classrooms and supply each with a highly qualified teacher along with other materials that are needed to give these children a chance to change the future of Mali. Each equipped classroom will hold around 40 students and cost around $10,000. Let us invest in the future leaders of this country.


Video of condition of classrooms for those who are fortunate enough:














All donations made in general to this campaign will be used for either education or water, unless specified by selecting a perk.

Last year we changed thousands of lives in Mali together, let's aim to change even more lives this year!




View the Al-Najwa Village in Mali Documentary:

















View what we were able to accomplish in just one year:



$250.00 USD

One Desk

By selecting this perk, you will be contributing to 1/40th of a classroom that will benefit one student throughout the years.

16 claimed

$600.00 USD

Support an Orphan for 1 Year

For only $50/month, you will be providing an orphan with food, education and other necessities.

31 claimed

$2,500.00 USD

A Water Well in your Honor or Loved One

By selecting this perk, you will be supplying an entire village with water to drink, cook with, make wudu and feed their animals. We will also make you a grand opening video of the villagers making Dua for you along with a banner in recognition of you or your loved one.

143 claimed

$10,000.00 USD

A Classroom in your Honor

By selecting this perk, you will be building an entire classroom that will provide the tools needed to educate 40 students at a time.

6 claimed

$27,500.00 USD

Build a Masjid

By selecting this perk, you will be building a masjid that will conduct the 5 daily prayers and Friday prayers. We will also make you a video of the grand opening, allow you to name the masjid and will have everyone make Dua for you.

21 claimed

$175,000.00 USD

Build an Entire Village Complex

*We had one donor last year that selected this perk. We will build an entire village in your honor. It will contain a large Masjid, a medical center, a 10 classroom school, and a large Water Forage that will allow water to flow easily to all sides. You will have the honor of naming each building and will also receive a grand opening video.

1 claimed

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