Somalian Food Crisis
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This campaign started on Mar 11 2017.

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We need to send emergency food rations to those affected in crisis

What if you had to choose, which one of your children you will save.  Which one will eat and which one will starve or dehydrate to death.  This is the reality of those living in the Rasso City which is the Somali region of what is known now as Ethiopia. 


We have a small window of opportunity to lend a helping hand.  Let's all do our part in helping humanity. 


Usually we will raise funds and purchase food from neighboring cities and make sure it was full of nutrients and protein, but now we dont have that luxury.  We need to just send as much food of whatever is cheap and readily available just to keep them alive. 


Some of the distribution we did for the Somalian region of Dire Dawa.


$100.00 USD

100 People will have something to eat for the day

Thank you for your donation

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$500.00 USD

500 People will have something to eat for the day

May God bless you!

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$1,000.00 USD

1,000 People will have food for the day

We make prayers that your generosity will be rewarded immensely.

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