DarusSalam Seminary - Sister's Wing Expansion
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This campaign started on Nov 21 2017.

DarusSalam Seminary Administered by Iqbal Hussain

Support our Sisters!

Support Our Sisters

Alhumdulillah DarusSalam has quickly outgrown the present structure. In particular, our sisters are in need of more space.

Our Sister's Wing expansion just started on May 11th and we need your support NOW to ensure our mothers and daughters continue to have adequate and first-class facilities. Full details of the project can be found here.

Without your help, the project may be in jeopardy. You may purchase a musalla (prayer spot) for yourself and as a Sadaqa Jariyah on behalf of your deceased loved ones for $2800.

Current State

During Ramadan and our Annual retreats, the sister's areas are completely packed. Sisters are squeezed into every available room and even the hall ways.

Moreover, we have over 50 sisters studying daily at DarusSalam Seminary. Due to lack of space, their classes are held in the funeral preparation room, kitchen pantry, and small storage rooms! Additionally, they eat their meals in the hallway.

Sisters' make shift dining hall

Funeral preparation room used as a classroom and office

First-Class Accommodations

Once the Seminary and Campus expansion is complete our sisters will inshaAllah have more than adequate accommodations. InshaAllah our sisters will have access to:

  1. Twenty-one new classrooms with state-of-the-art educational equipment
  2. A 2,000 square feet research library that will house over 23,000 books
  3. A Women’s Prayer Hall with a capacity for 300 attendees.
  4. A Childcare room attached to the Women’s Prayer Hall separated by a soundproof glass wall
  5. A 6,600 square foot NCAA regulation size gymnasium with a two-lane indoor running track aerially suspended
  6. A Dedicated fitness center
  7. A Dedicated dining facility

Help Our Sisters!

The Prophet said that after one passes away, their opportunity to perform good deeds and earn rewards ends. There are a few exceptions; from them are charity that continues and beneficial knowledge that perpetuates.

Your contribution will allow our sisters to perform their Ibaadah peacefully. Additionally, you will be supporting their education. Imagine the reward for one who provides continual charity that will support traditional Islāmic knowledge.

All funds will be used towards the Sister's Wing Expansion. Insha'Allah you will earn a portion of the reward of every good deed and action that the students of knowledge perform at DarusSalam Seminary.

Visit our website for more information.

Your donations are tax deductible. DarusSalam is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in Illinois.

$100.00 USD

Purchase a brick to support this expansion!

17 claimed

$500.00 USD

Purchase a door to support this expansion!

3/25 claimed

$1,000.00 USD

Purchase a wall section to support this expansion!

/1000 claimed

$2,800.00 USD

Purchase a Musalla for our Sisters to pray on!

4/350 claimed

$5,000.00 USD

Purchase a parking spot for our Sisters to park in!

/150 claimed

$10,000.00 USD

Help build the library where sisters can study!

/25 claimed

$25,000.00 USD

Help build the gymnasium!


$50,000.00 USD

Help build a classroom where students of knowledge can learn for generations to come!


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