Free Islamic School
$19,860.31 USD
Raised of the $50,000.00 goal.

40% Never Ending!

This campaign started on May 05 2019.

CITCD Administered by Samir Vohra

Zakatable project to spread the message of Islam

CITCD is a full time Islamic School in Harvey IL.  It has aprox 90 students of boys & girls.  This Islamic school is one of the only few in the area that allow for free anyone to register, if they cant afford it.  They have very dedicated teachers and Imam and offer a long school day that consists from 8:00-5:00 - 5 days a week.  And a longer school year with only 6 weeks off for Summer.  They also teach a secular curriculum of Math & Sciences.  


With the funds raised here, it will help off set some of the bills that need to be paid for the school like the Electric, Gas, water, and other materials they need.  This is also considered a program that you can give Zakat too.  


They even offer Free Summer classes.  We are urged to teach and spread the message.  Would you be a means to this?  


$500.00 USD

Thank you

We thank you for helping our students.


$1,000.00 USD

Jazak Allah Khair

May Allah swt put blessings in your life


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