Emergency Food Relief for Chad
$37,344.98 USD
Raised of the $50,000.00 goal.

75% Never Ending!

This campaign started on Mar 14 2018.

Pious Projects of America Administered by Fahim Aref

Help Distribute Food to Families in Chad

Feed Refugees in Southern Chad:

We will deliver a basket of food items containing the following items: 

Rice, Oil, Beans, sugar, and milk.

These food baskets will cost $50, which will feed a family for a whole month.

There is an estimate of 18,000 new refugees coming into Chad. They were welcomed by the citizens of southern Chad into 40 villages and the 4 camps of Gore. They are expected to stay in Chad for a long period of time due to the continuous aggression and hostility that is directed towards them.

The food that is required to sustain these refugees is estimated by 450 tons. Their health is in critical condition, and they are in need of support as they have been marked with infectious diseases. The major needs for them right now are portable water, food, shelters, and laundries.

Allah comforts those who bring comfort to others, so please help us support them by donating any amount!

Jazakum Allahu Khairan





$50.00 USD

Thank you for providing 1 food basket!

4 claimed

$200.00 USD

Thank you for providing 4 food baskets!

2 claimed

$400.00 USD

Thank you for providing 8 food baskets!


$600.00 USD

Thank you for providing 12 food baskets!


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