Ongoing Water Crisis- Flint, MI
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This campaign started on Apr 12 2018.

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Provide Water Bottles for Flint Residents


We have all heard about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan when in 2016 the city was declared a state of emergency because of significant levels of lead found in the water. With your help in February of 2016, we were able to send 189,000 bottles of water (5 truckloads!) to the residents of Flint Alhamdulilah. 

Recently, the state of Michigan ended its free water bottle program, as supplies have run out the week of April 9th, 2018. The program also ended as Rick Snyder, governor of the state, has stated that the water is safe for drinking. Residents of Flint disagree and many have protested:

We have partnered with the Muslim House in Flint, MI to raise funds for water bottles to be distributed to Flint residents monthly, directly from the Muslim House itself. We hope to provide clean and easily accessible water to the people of Flint as they continue to endure this crisis years later. Let's show them that we care and have not forgotten about them. We hope that you'll show your support for the residents of Flint just as you so generously did in 2016!


Disclaimer- The number of cases that will fit on one truck is estimated to be 1,575, it may be more or less. Also, included in each perk is around 5% added for credt card fees/ transportation, etc, but only exact fees will be deducted and remaining amount will be used for this project.



$220.00 USD

100 Cases of Water Bottles

Each case contains 24 water bottles. May Allah accept from you!


$1,090.00 USD

500 Cases of Water Bottles

Each case contains 24 water bottles. May Allah reward you for providing clean water!


$3,440.00 USD

About a Truck Load

1575 cases of water bottles (24 bottles per case). This is around enough for a truck load. May Allah reward you for this generous donation!


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