Food Baskets for Gaza
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This campaign started on Apr 25 2018.

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$60 Food Baskets

We are teaming up with Heroic Hearts to distribute food baskets to the families in Gaza. Each food basket will last one family for a month, and costs only $60.  Feeding a hungry person brings many benefits, including helping them do acts of worship. The energy that they gain from eating the food you provided them with will make it easier for them to do good acts of worship, which will be reward for you as well!

The food baskets include: Rice, flour, oil, canned goods, and all necessities needed to cook meals for a whole month. If you are interested in donating one or a couple baskets, check out our perks section for donation options.


$60.00 USD

Feed 1 Family

Your donation will feed 1 family for a month!

59 claimed

$180.00 USD

Feed 3 Families

Your donation will feed 3 families for a month!

27 claimed

$360.00 USD

Feed 6 Families

Your donation will feed 6 families for a month!

16 claimed

$720.00 USD

Feed 12 Families

Your donation will feed 12 families for a month!

3 claimed

$1,080.00 USD

Feed 18 Families

Your donation will feed 18 families for a month!

19 claimed

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