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Islam By Touch INC Administered by Nadir Thabatah

Making Islam accessible to the blind community one dot at a time

       Assalamu alaikum. My name is Yadira and my husband is Nadir. I am completely blind and my husband is legally blind. We've been married for eight years and we have three beautiful children. I was raised Catholic, and I met my now husband a few years before I took my shahada. Coming to Islam has been the biggest blessing in my life. I found my husband, and along with him, came a wonderful family. My in-laws have treated me as their own daughter, and for that I am extremely grateful. Through Islam, I was blessed with my beautiful children. Alas, Allah's bounty and mercy has undeniably been immense, and I'm certainly humbled by this. Yet, I found that upon converting, I was at a loss as to where to acquire information on this incredible deen I had now embraced. I found myself asking to read an english translation of the holy Quran, books on the prophets, books on ahadith, or any books that could provide me with further insight on my new found religion. However, I was always told to simply listen to audio recordings of the information I was requesting. In fact, this response still rings true to date. Now, as helpful as my fellow Muslims were attempting to be, they did not seem to comprehend the importance of being able to offer literature on Islam in braille to the blind Muslim community.
         For this reason in March of 2016 we started Islam By Touch. Islam By Touch is the first nonprofit organization dedicated to making Islam accessible to the blind community. Our current initiative has been to produce and distribute the English Meanings of the Quran by Saheeh International in braille free of charge. As of May of 2018 we have distributed over 85 copies across the North America to mosques, Islamic centers, organizations for the blind, and blind individuals. However, our ambition is to eventually make these transcriptions attainable worldwide. Currently, to our knowledge, we are the only organization making blind accessible English translations of Islamic literature  available to the public free of charge. We feel there is a tangible need to produce accessible copies of these texts. We want to provide every blind Muslim and every individual searching for information on Islam the choice to be able to read for themselves. We all know that seeking knowledge is a God given right, and we want to offer blind individuals an option on how they follow their pursuit of enlightenment. Allah blessed all human beings with the right to dignity, respect, equality and validation, and we want to help to ensure that blind individuals feel that the Muslim community fully acknowledges this fact.
       We hope you find our mission to be as important as we do. This project is very near to our hearts and we appreciate any support you can give. We truly hope you'll take the time to donate to our cause. Together, we can give blind Muslims a choice. Together, we can stand tall and give our blind brothers and sisters respect and validation.

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