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Welcome New Brothers and Sisters by Helping Them Establish Themselves


Masjid Al Farooq is a thriving mosque in Chicago. Alhamdulillah, they have witnessed the conversions of hundreds of people. However, one thing that was apparent to them was that many were having difficulty maintaining their newfound faith as they battled with the hostile environments that surrounded them. For many, this struggle came at the hands of family or disapproving house members. Masjid Al Farooq was determined to help, and they purchased two halfway houses to provide a safe place for new Muslims to get acquainted with their new religion. The demand was so high that they purchased an additional 4 houses. Now, within these 6 houses are 22 Muslims who are flourishing and content with their lifestyle.

The masjid has found much success in this undertaking, such as was the case with Sister Khadija--one of the converts that found accomodations there.  Alhamdulillah, due to her arriving there, her two children are only two months away from memorizing the entire Quran. Admiring her new way of life, her once disapproving family has come around.  

Masjid Al Farooq would like to continue this initiative, and ask for donations in order to maintain this housing program and relieve them of a portion of their multiple finances.


Jazakallah Khairum

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