Marketing Fund
$115.00 USD
Raised of the $20,000.00 goal.

1% Never Ending!

This campaign started on Feb 18 2019.

Pious Projects of America Administered by Fahim Aref

Join Us In Our Aim to Reach as Many as We Can

Hi, Pious supporters! Welcome to our marketing fund! As an organization that refuses to take any administrative fees out of your donations, we would highly appreciate your assistance with these efforts. We want to continue providing our donors and public with fun and creative content that both educates viewers on global affairs and how we’re making a direct impact with the help of our contributors. This content not only keeps donors up to date on how the programs are going and how the funding was utilized, but also helps us reach a wider audience as we have more to share with everyone! We hope you’ll be a part of increasing our marketing materials so that potential supporters looking for an organization they can trust can find us.

The funds will be used in any way seen fit to effectively raise awareness of our operation and initiatives. This may include videography, photography, promotional expenses, etc.

There is a common misconception that donating to operational expenses is less significant than to the other campaigns, and therefore, unnecessary. However, the success of those campaigns is directly influenced by the success of our outreach. Alhamdulillah, we have continually grown since our inception, and we look forward to sustaining this growth together!

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