Sponsor Rohingya Orphans in Bangladesh
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This campaign started on Apr 09 2019.

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$500 can support an orphan for a year!

April of 2019, Pious Projects opened two orphanges in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. One will support girls and the other will support boys. Each facility is equipped with a kitchen and school and will house approximately 100 orphans -- 200 children total. 

The price to provide a child with their most urgent needs is extraordinarily low at around $1.37 per day - $500 for the entire year. 

With your help, we can improve these children's lives. Many of them have suffered through harrowing experiences that have left them without hope. We pray that by providing them with their most basic necessities (food, water, education, and companionship), we are showing them that there is hope and people out there who truly care. 


$500.00 USD

Sponsor 1 Female Orphan for 1 Year

55 claimed

$500.00 USD

Sponsor 1 Male Orphan for 1 Year

47 claimed

$4,000.00 USD

8 Orphans

Sponsor 8 Orphans for the entire year

8 claimed

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