Clean Water for Rohingya Refugee Camps Bangladesh
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This campaign started on May 19 2019.

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Help us bring clean drinking water to Bangladesh

$1,800 can provide hundreds of Rohingya refugees with clean drinking water.

Due to the heavy contamination of the water in Bangladesh, water wells must be drilled 100-450 feet into the ground to reach properly safe drinking water. These water wells ensure that citizens and refugees are not forced to resort to risky altrenatives that could very well be tainted by hazardous bacteria. 

Each water well comes with an accompanying bathroom, external tank, and genererator and is located within a refugee camp in Bangladesh for Rohingya refugees. The wells will include a plaque with an honorary name chosen by the donor that will be displayed in the video of the opening. This video will be supplied to the donor at the time of completion. Additonally, a portion of the funds will go towards educating and promoting this cause in order to raise more awareness and appeal to more donors.


**Funds will be used on both shallow 100-150 ft wells and deep 400-450 ft wells unless specified by selecting the $1,800 perk on the right for the abovementioned deep water well.**



$1,800.00 USD

Sponsor an entire well for a camp in Bangladesh

One Deep water well and Bathroom

36 claimed

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