A Water Well: $2,500

We can dig and open up a water well that will serve an entire village of thousands of people for only $2,500. 

Can you imagine the benefit and reward you will receive daily through these villagers drinking, cooking, making wudu and giving their livestock water to drink from your well?  We need all of you who are able to, to sponsor one well. If you cannot, we ask that you get involved by creating fundraising events and telling your friends and families about the water crisis in Mali to help us reach our goal of opening up 100 new wells. 


$2500 will cover the cost of all the materials and labor for opening up one well, 10 year warranty, grand opening video, banner, merchant transaction fees & a portion will go towards a fund to educate and promote this cause in order to raise more awareness and appeal to more donors.



Water well will quench the thirst of without having to travel several miles