How It Works

Pious Projects of America empowers people to activate the global community to share in good deeds.
Then we help you spread the word.

Charitable organizations start a Fundraising campaign

You contribute any amount you like and share on social media

You see the project come to reality and change people’s lives

We bridge the gap for charities and donors to take part in this global initiative to make the world a better place.

Simple & Easy
It's easy to get started. If you are a charitable organization you can create a campaign within minutes. You can launch whenever you're ready.

Free to Launch
No set-up fees keeps things simple. We also help amplify your campaign's exposure at no added cost. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms that charge a percentage of the total raised, we distribute all of the funds collected, after credit card fees, direct to the charity and leave it up to the donor if he chooses to contribute towards our administrative costs.

How to Sign Up

For Donors

For Non-Profit Organizations