Ramadan RACE 20 20

The holy month of Ramadan unites all Muslims through compassion, kindness, and a spirit of giving. The Ramadan Race was created to help fulfill our Islamic duty to one another by allowing donors to set attainable Giving Goals for every day of the month. Each day will be dedicated to a new campaign that will primarily focus on food, water, education, da’wah, and sustainability programs. Set your Giving Goal this Ramadan and bring the joys of the holiday to someone in need!

A Giving Goal is a completely customizable daily donation amount to be used towards the campaigns throughout all 30 days of Ramadan. You can set your Giving Goal to as little as $1 per day with no maximum. For example, a donor with a Giving Goal of $5 per day will have contributed $150 at the conclusion of Ramadan. You can change the amount of your Giving Goal at any time!

We currently offer two payment options for the Giving Goal: one lump sum or daily donations. If the lump sum method is chosen, you will be charged all at once on the first day of Ramadan (or the first day you sign up within Ramadan). If you choose the daily donation option, you will be charged your specified Giving Goal on each day of Ramadan.

Absolutely! You may customize your preferences and make changes to your account by simply logging on to our website any time during the Ramadan Race.

No worries! You can easily make up for missed days. Visit our website at any time and donate to the campaign of your choice!

E-mail us at [email protected]. Don’t forget to maximize your good deeds by sharing the Ramadan Race with your friends!